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what is hydro-action

What is Hydro-Action?

What is Hydro-Action?

Hydro-Action is an advanced ecologically friendly technology that is pioneering the way wastewater is treated. Inspired by nature, Hydro-Action uses air to organically break down waste matter. Why is Hydro-Action so great? Well, this system can prolong the life of leaching fields, reduce groundwater pollution and can break down effluent more effectively and efficiently.

How does Hydro-Action Work?

First, the wastewater enters the septic tank to be pretreated, which reduces the number of solids and other materials that enter the system. Next, oxygen is pumped into the tank which causes the aerobic bacteria to multiply and start cleansing the wastewater. Finally, the effluent goes through a “clarification compartment” which uses hydraulics to separate any remaining solids. Those solids are then returned for further aeration and break down until the final product is clear and odorless. This entire process is completed without any chemicals or filters! Talk about “Going Green”.

Problems of Traditional Home Septic Systems

One of the many issues with traditional septic tanks, besides for them being archaic, is the lack of awareness of when the system needs to be pumped. When homeowners disregard their septic tanks it causes cracks and leakage into the groundwater. Hydro-Action has combated this problem by establishing an “operations control center” that alerts the owner visually and audibly when the tank needs maintenance.

Check out Hydro-Action Today

Overall, Hydro-Action is a groundbreaking new way to combat the current issue of wastewater treatment. Not only is Hydro-Action good for the environment but it’s good for your wallet too! Upgrading your system can save homeowners money by eliminating the cost of frequent septic pumping and combating wastewater leakage thus sustaining property values. Good for the environment and good for your wallet, what more could you ask for! Join the pioneers advocating for better wastewater treatment and make every flush count. Check out Hydro-Action today!

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