About Wastewater Works - Wastewater Works Inc.
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We Are Wastewater Works, Inc.

about wastewater works
I’m Joe Densieski, the founder of Wastewater Works, Inc., and I am a lifelong resident of Long Island’s east end. I have had family in the farming community in East Quogue for nearly a century and I’ve learned you can’t be a farmer without plenty of clean water. Therefore, I’m firmly committed to keeping Long Island’s waters clean, beautiful and healthy. My vision, for the future health of Long Island’s waters and what I desire for my children, is to restore to them the pristine and sparkling water I grew up playing and fishing in.  As the Hydro-Action Industries regional distributor this is core to Wastewater Works, Inc.’s mission and future goals.


So, we are striving to make the Hydro-Action Industries Aerobic Onsite Wastewater Treatment System the core of every home septic system on Long Island. ANSI/NSF tested this system and awarded it Standard (Class I) Certified 40 . We are the regional distributor for this groundbreaking “Green” home septic treatment system. With help from our local distributor, we want every responsible homeowner, builder, engineer, and architect to benefit from Hydro-Action.
So Much Sewage In The Ground

So Much Sewage In The Ground

Today, we have a groundwater and surrounding waterways pollution crisis. With the rapid growth of homes, proliferation of septic tank disposal systems on the east end and the propensity of homeowners to use water, there is a large increase in the groundwater nitrogen concentration resulting in a huge sewage treatment problem right now.


Here is what Suffolk County Supervisor Steve Bellone had to say “Nitrogen pollution is public enemy No. 1 for our bays, waterways, drinking supply and the critical wetlands and marshes that protect us from natural disasters like superstorm Sandy … More than 350,000 homes in Suffolk County are not sewered and are contributing nearly 70 percent of the pollution.” Well, it wasn’t always like that.

I Remember Clean Water

I Remember Clean Water

My east end boyhood was full of trips to the beach and camping experiences all around Long Island. Enjoying our waters was as much a part of my life as family and school. After graduating from Riverhead High School, I entered the landscaping and excavating industry. I excavated and installed many traditional septic systems, as the east end’s growth boom began.


Yes, I knew I was sending all that sewage deep into the ground, but that was standard practice. No one knew what trouble it would cause. Today, we know much more about the harm traditional home septic systems can cause, so I’m doing something about it.

Environmental Remediation Means Cleaning Up a Mess


Perhaps it was my experience as a supervisor at Miller Environmental, traveling around the country on environmental remediation projects, which made me aware of the impact that chemical spills and sewage contamination can cause. Yes, I saw what oil spills, jet fuel spills, and other nasty accidents mean to local residents who are then afraid to drink or bathe in their local water. My consciousness was being raised, one local disaster at a time.
Not in a Sewer District?


It was years later when I joined the Riverhead Sewer Department that I saw the positive effect that a municipal sewage treatment facility has on keeping groundwater and surrounding waters clean. The plant handles nearly a million gallons of sewage per day. Unfortunately, we have over 350,000 homes in Suffolk County that are not in a sewer district. All their sewage goes right into the ground.
Take Action Now!


If your home has a traditional septic system and you are having it pumped repeatedly, contact us today. There is a better way, and we have it. If you are a builder who is ready for something much better than that traditional “hole in the ground” approach, contact us now. If you are an architect or engineer who needs to know more, just ask us. That’s why Wastewater Works, Inc. is here. We are helping to keep Long Island’s groundwater and surrounding waters clean, one flush at a time.