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Wastewater Works, Inc. distributes Hydro-Action, the FIRST onsite wastewater treatment system APPROVED in Suffolk County!

Apply for your Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program Grant!


Don’t wait until Long Island economy suffers and you lose the tranquil and picturesque environment we live in now. Protect your home, your family and the future of Long Island with an ecologically conscious home septic system.


A tremendous value proposition for contractors and developers - Wastewater Works, Inc. makes the transition from specifying traditional septic systems to Hydro-Action as smooth and simple as possible.


Architects and engineers must understand the Hydro-Action system before working with builders and developers to include Hydro-Action as the specified green home septic solution.


The future of green home septic today is Hydro-Action. Get to know us and our Long Island Hydro-Action distributor. We are ready to help you purchase and install this innovative green home septic technology. Contact us today to see if Hydro-Action is a good fit for you!

Wastewater Works, Inc. – Our Mission

We are working tirelessly to keep Long Island’s waters clean and healthy through education and the use of Hydro-Action green home septic systems. Wastewater Works Inc. strives to ensure that our waters are enjoyable for our families today, and for future generations. Making every flush count.

Wastewater Works, Inc. – Our Vision

Our vision of clean waters for Long Island’s future begins with education and is sustained with the investment of time and funding. Wastewater Works, Inc. will collaborate and cross-pollinate with our local universities’ clean water research initiatives and support education and action with clean water efforts like the Peconic Estuary Program and The Clean Water Act. We will sponsor and participate in local community events and classroom education to ensure the seeds of clean healthy waters grow into tomorrow’s reality.